This is us

Hi, I'm Serhiy and I've been in parkour since 2009. I like to move and do it in the most creative way possible. I like to feel free in my movement and always surpass my own limits. And that's exactly what Parkour offers me. In the association I am a board member and responsible for IT and finances. 

I'm Max and I've been doing parkour since 2011. I love the sport because of the mutual respect during training and the awareness for the use of your environment. Everyone has their own level and you can still have a super awesome workout together because everyone supports each other. No one has to be better than the other. For me, that's something you probably only find in a few sports. Among other things, in the last 3 years I was in our club as a coach and I am responsible for our photo & video content.

I'm Mira and I've been jumping around Dortmund with my Parkourfamily for 9 years now. From the very first day I was fascinated by the cohesion, the non-competitiveness and the creative movements. With increasing experience, I made an exercise instructor-C certificate to be able to pass on the values and the unique pedagogical style of knowledge transfer of our training. The co-founding of Parkour Dortmund e. V. was a matter of the heart for me. Since 2020 I am living in Greece and I am involved in networking the Greek-German Parkour community and planning joint events.

Hey, I'm Faby and I've been training parkour and freerunning since summer 2008. Especially the possibility in Parkour to move freely, creatively and fluidly fascinates me a lot. Over the years, parkour has not only remained my passion, but has also become a large part of my profession. Besides running workshops and courses, I take care of our club's Facebook & Instagram pages and organizational stuff, like setting up our Winter Parkour Conventions.

Hi, I'm Tim or Timmy aka "Ma Boi". I've been training parkour since around 2010 and what fascinates me the most is the "flow" of combining different parkour jumps, as well as the many different styles you can take when training. The biggest highlights for me are always the trips in smaller groups to new cities and areas to discover new spots.

I'm Thorsten and I've been training Parkour since 2008. What I like about Parkour is the simplicity - just put on your shoes and off you go - and the constant rediscovery of urban space. For a few years now, I have also been passing on my knowledge as a trainer. As a trained circus trainer, I also experiment with bringing Parkour into a circus and artistic framework and, conversely, combining Parkour with elements from these.

Hi, my name is Thalis and I've been training parkour and freerunning since 2006. The hard training, the unbelievable creativity in appropriating urban spaces and the great freedom of movement are what still fascinate me about Parkour after all this time as much as the first day. For the club I am a board member and responsible for public relations, texts and designs and our beautiful club magazine "Hopser News".