Dino Park opening on 16.06.2023

On Friday, June 16, 2023, the Dino Park will be officially opened in the Bleichmärsch, 44145 Dortmund, in the time from 15:00 to 18:00. You are invited to jump, swing and balance to your heart's content. Those of you who have been training in Dortmund for a while will still know the Dino Park as a playground, which was particularly suitable for flips and highjumps. Due to new DIN standards for drop heights on playgrounds, the playground was closed off for a few years. Now it is open for children and teenagers and for you as a rededicated parkour park. You will find on the area natural obstacles such as stones and beams made of ruby wood, which have been supplemented with poles. Due to the different distances and elements, beginners to advanced will find a variety of challenges. In addition, the concrete dinosaur at the entrance was renewed and offers itself for wall tricks and climbing over. The project was realized by the Office for Children and Youth Interests of the Youth Welfare Office of Dortmund and the company TraceSpace from Berlin. As an association, we were able to help with the planning and provided film material for the QR code tutorials. We are looking forward to using the park with our children's training in the future 🙂